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Profile of a Mid-Field Marauder | Men's Book (Atlanta)
No one can say that Falcons middle linebacker Curtis Lofton takes his role lightly. After three years of slugging it out in the trenches, this explosive tackler has emerged as a foundation for Atlanta’s defensive squad—both with his on-field presence and leadership capabilities... More
Timely, Quality Writing at Affordable Rates
With the right amount of preparation and research, a good writer can knowledgeably cover just about any subject and communicate it in an understandable way to mass audiences. This is our goal, and we guarantee that most projects can be completed within 2-3 business days.

In his career as a writer, Edwin has been published in a variety of mediums including journalistic articles, blogs, social media, news stories, press releases, brochure copy, white papers, SEO landing pages, case studies  and advertising content. Here are just a few samples of his writing:
Location is Key for Your Practice | TCL Magazine
​Consult most experts, and you’ll likely hear that choosing a location for your chiropractic practice essentially boils down to a decision based on metrics. In the process, you might even get the impression that it’s a calculated, purely statistical decision to be made. After all, the numbers don’t lie, do they?... More 
Professional Tarpon Tournament Series| myBoat.com
On a stretch of blue water containing a single pod of tarpon, the merciless summer sun blazes as approximately 65 logo-emblazoned bay boats engage in a stern-to-stern battle of angling prowess. The morning progresses, and the event becomes a fighting-chair frenzy of enormous acrobatic fish leaping clear from the water, throwing hooks and violently trashing boats.... More
Audi's A3 e-tron pilot program | Charged EV Magazine
On Monday, the opening day of TED2012, Audi presented the battery-electric Audi A3 e-tron pilot program, which will be implemented in select cities of the U.S. as a part of the company’s e-mobility driver experience for premium car buyers. Why the slow roll out? We asked Brad Stertz, Audi’s corporate communications manager...More
9 Writing Habits that Make You Look Like an Amateur
Even if you aren’t an expert, though, you certainly don’t want to look like an amateur. After all, if writing is your chosen profession, then you’ll probably want to appear at least reasonably good at it. Here are a few writing habits that could mislead readers into thinking you’re a newbie... More

Fuzzy Math: The U.S. Pet Insurance Market | Marietta.com
As so-called “pet parents” are increasingly purchasing health insurance for their furry companions, they’re finding it advantageous to read policies carefully in the face of changing regulations, complicated fine print and rising premiums... More
Community, Content & Congruence | TCL Magazine
Across the globe, savvy corporations, independent businesses and health care practitioners alike are using social media platforms to expand customer bases, while also branding their products and services......More
Why Aren't Surgeons Drug-tested? | Consumer Watchdog
Although physicians are expected to abide by a Hippocratic code of ethics, this is an honor system that provides little real accountability. Without much more than this assurance, patients regularly go under the knife and place their lives into a stranger's hands.... More
Is the Oxford Comma Necessary? | CopyPress.com
Although Oxford dropped the comma from its style guide more than two years ago, the serial comma is sometimes quite useful. In other cases, it’s absolutely superfluous and can even introduce ambiguity. Here's a look at a few select cases.... More